About Us

The Storied History

Brookfield High School’s Robotics Team began in the year 2001, under direction of Susan Troupe and Donna Didsbury as the Lions. The first challenge was finding a technical mentor. After spending countless hours in the phonebooks and calling companies, a technical mentor was found.

The following year, Robert Zapor, the technology education teacher at BHS joined. These three would set the foundation for what our team is today. The team would eventually grow into something much greater than simply the Lions. In 2009, one of our esteemed alumni, Tom Reiske, would perform disco dances during our first ever regional win, and as a result the team name was changed to the DiscoTechs.

Our team has experienced numerous ups and downs over the years. For instance, in 2012, Mr. Zapor elected to assist the struggling Panther Project, Team 2064, which caused a major loss to our technical department. However, not all was lost, as Scott Zucca, a mathematics and programming teacher here at BHS, was more than capable of filling the massive gap in our technical area. Further, upon Mrs. Troupe retiring from the district in 2016, all was well, as Jason Distasio, another mathematics teacher here at BHS, was plenty capable of filling the void. 

Now celebrating our 15th season, we are stronger than ever coming off of one of our most successful seasons.